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Storytelling Singer - Songwriter from Slovenia

"Music has to fill the soul,

that is its essence."
- Ditka




How it all began?

When I was 16 years old I first had that special feeling inside me, I wasn't able to describe it with words. I was full of emotions … It was like my heart needed to tell something and my head was about to explode if I wouldn't put it out… Put out all the feelings – expressing them with words.

I wrote my first song, I named it Dreamer. That day I found my therapeutic tool for all of my frustrations and problems, to heal a broken heart, to face with bad situations, to escape from reality and be in my own little world or to simply clean my mind.

Today I know how to call it – Inspiration.

Thankful that I've found it and that after all these years I still have it. I've written many songs. They were mostly inspired  by my personal experience, but also by stories I've heard from other people, from books that I've read, from common questions we give ourselves daily about life and its meaning. Another thing that gives me even more good vibes is writing melodies and then putting all together. Well, it is called Songwriting and I suppose I've become one- A songwriter.

But what is the meaning of the music, if you as a songwriter are the only one who hears it ?

After building a successful music career in my home country- Slovenia with the poetry by famous Slovenian poets put to music and playing many concerts, I've realized that music only really lives when you share it with the audience.

After years of having my own songs in English written and carefully stored in my desk drawer I finally decided to do something about them. I believe in them, because I believe in the energy that was present when they were written. I'm here now, open for new opportunities and modestly sharing a piece of myself with you, hoping that my music fills your soul in some way.

You've come here. You've read this. You're a part of my journey now, so thank you. 



*Read more about Ditka's story in the BIO section*


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